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Hello! My name is Derek Foley. I am from Columbus, Ohio. A geologist by training, I am shifting to a career in web and app development.

A forever student, I am passionate about learning, always seeking new challenges and ideas. My degrees are in Political Science and Geological Science (Bachelors) and in Geology (Masters), all from Ohio State University.

I absolutely love "unsolveable" problems and puzzles, big pictures with too many variables or moving parts to have a cohesive underlying mechanism for their history and actions. Both politics and geology involve such problems, and I am learning coding does as well.

I am currently a bartender and mixologist (more of an intoxicologist) while learning to code. I am available for freelance web work and am always down to chat. Drop me a line!

Outside of learning and working, I enjoy the outdoors: hiking, climbing, befriending wild animals, you name it. I have a little void of a cat named Opps (Oppenheimer) who I love dearly. My favorite band is Brand New, favorite book Walden, favorite movie Emperor's New Groove, and favorite food is grilled cheese.

Opps, my boogery little cat.