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Hello, world! My name is Derek Foley. I am a geologist by training, a web and app developer, and lover of learning. Thanks for joining me on my journey! Please find my portfolio, curriculum vitae, and research below. Feel free to contact me if you have thoughts, tips, or just would like to say hello.


Four In A Row

For legal purposes, this mobile game is called "Four In A Row". This project was built with Flutter.


My personal playground, I've rebuilt this website a number of times. First, I used Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and basic Javascript, utilizing a stock-theme from Bootstrap. Next, I rebuilt the site from scratch, using only my own code. Soon, I plan on using node.js, Express, and EJS to customize the website and make it more modular.

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This project was built with Flutter, utilizing Firebase and Google Maps API. It allows for user registration and log in, user location data, and using Google Maps SDK, Places API, and Directions API, locate nearby restrooms and direct the user to them. This is a work in progress. I learned about API use, mobile geolocation, user registration, and animations in this project.

Curriculum Vitae

Go Bucks!

Double major at Ohio State

Earned degrees in geological science and political science

Ohio Statehouse

Office of the Governor

Served as Governor Kasich's public liaison

Strategy Group for Media

Strategy Group for Media

Served as Executive Assistant to the CEO


Invented novel gravimeter

Invented a theoretical neutron gravimeter

Mapping in Utah

Attained Master of Science

Earned my Master of Science in Geology from Ohio State

My old house

Flipped 100 year old house

Completely remodeled my house during grad school

Mapping for the survey

Professional Geologist

Served as a geologist at the Ohio Geological Survey

Gilson company logo

Gilson Company

Technical Support Engineer for geotechnical testing products

learning to code

Software Developer

Autodicactic software journey

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