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September 1st 2008


After leaving "that great job" I wrote about last year, I've decided to start working as self-employed.


I have some good industry contacts and although I won't be exclusively working in mobile anymore, although I'll actually be developing a commercial mobile flash lite product for a Golf Event company, and doing interactive work for overseas exhibitions!


Last year was quite amazing. Leaving Interlink Marketing Systems in Barnet back in 2007 was one of the best things I ever did. (Although I'm still chasing salary from it even after 18 months! )


A new chum of mine (and ex Boss) Chris Dadd really helped me massively through his network of contacts, and I wouldn't be where I am today without his help and support so thanks Chris!


It seems being willing to "move around" the country after work has really helped my career. Regrettably most of the work is in and around London for my industry, so "down south" I must stay until tele-working frees my shackles.


That said, I could do it now, as I work from home, and I could technically do that from anywhere with an internet connection... hmmm.....


Thanks to Melody for reminding me to update this!


To contact me

please read below - this is obfuscated to avoid spambots - please send all email enquiries to

dirk(at symbol)derekfoley.com

After being offline for almost 6 years I've decided to resurrect this online presence - albeit in a minor form. Regrettably due to the need for information security in these days of cyber-crime you wont find much about me here. Unlike my old site that, was quite literally an online diary - essentially the life and times of Derek Foley, long before the days of the "blog".


Like most professionals, I don't really have time to make this a showcase for my talents and abilities... I only do my best work when I'm paid for doing it.


The portfolio and work history, is well out of date at the moment, sorry, as it hasn't been updated since 2007.


"Ad Astra"


Derek C Foley
Graphic Designer/Multimedia Developer/Flash Developer



Oh yeah... Trying to Find some old friends...

I'm still trying to track down some old friends, tried dozens of times with Friends Reunited and Facebook, they all seem to be unaware of "maiden names" I guess, which makes it pretty hard to find old female chums.


So if you remember Derek Foley from Tunbridge Wells, get in touch if you are:


Caroline Webster
aka "Cal" used to go to LA Fitness in Tunbridge Wells, went travelling to Thailand, into diving and marketing.


Andrea Knapman

"horsey gal" lived in Hadlow, Kent, had a couple of Lipizzaner Horses and vanished in 2000, last known to be in Norfolk or Suffolk.


Catherine Anne Morris

(might be called Catherine Green now), used to live in Maidstone, Kent, Went to Chichester College to study dance, then moved to Tunbridge Wells, then Elan Valley, Wales before moving with her family to Liverpool.


Pamela Drakes

Lived in Sussex originally, then moved to Luton for a year in Adelaide Road in 2006


Nicola Biody

Nicky lived in Luton and Leicester from time-to-time


Samantha Scott & Fiona Bentley

Lived near Walsall


Land wanted

I'm looking for a decent plot of land, preferably on a slope for creating an eco-home using underground or earth-sheltered tech to keep it harmoniously blended into the landscape.


I'm sick of being forced to live in grotty towns and villages all my life (mainly due to not being ridiculously wealthy and a member of the aristocracy in the UK). Being "working class" and something of a beliver in "change" I'd like to make a start in improving our lives in the UK in a small way myself. I want to try to create something more ecologically friendly in terms of living accommodation and lifestyle. I want to be self sustainable as much as possible, mainly to stop being ripped off by the greedy energy companies, banks and the UK economy in general.


Location wise, I'm looking for something near High Wycombe, out of earshot of the Motorway in terms of distance (or behind a hill obviously). Somewhere between "Downley" and Princes Risborough would be ideal, although anywhere would be considered. So if you have land in that area, especially land that is difficult to farm due to slope etc, then get in touch.


Planning is the big question though, is the Wycombe Borough Council sympathetic to building eco-homes on agricultural land? Are they really in touch with current thinking? I've considered a promise of cultivating a woodland on a arable field to return the land to better use than the bio-desert that is current UK farmland. All this talk of "there is no land available for housing in the UK" is rubbish, just look at Google Earth's satellite view to see proof of that being a daft statement. There are vast tracts of land throughout the UK that are impossible to run profitable farm land on due to import and currency differentials of our "free market". Consequently the UK government has to support farming by subsidies because of this, resulting in the strength of the pound stopping UK agriculture from being profitable. At the same time, the "nimby" gang want to keep the country for themselves, keeping the proles bunched up in overcrowded, crime ridden city centres.


Its time this all changed. Planning departments should instead be encouraging more practical use of this land and allow developments of underground low-impact housing, that is practically invisible to the casual viewer. Why would this be so awful to consider? I'd rather "not see" a dwelling than see a block of flats wrecking a view?


Additionally such developments would promote lower cost and environmentally sustainable construction techniques using locally sourced materials, again helping the environment, and meaning that homes become affordable again, without selling our souls to the banks for our entire lives.


Whilst I can see this approach has its dangers, in encouraging overdevelopment - as some previously constructed underground homes have been overbuilt - I think some kind of covenant is in order to prevent this, so that once granted, such eco homes have to be sustained in terms of construction methods - this will in term discourage the rampant profiteering resulting in the UK having the smallest living space in Europe. Additionally tiny "non-cat swingable" property development should be outlawed - and its nice to see Boris Johnson taking up that challenge, although the sub-division of flats in exisiting houses has caused this in London.


Italy has the right idea - There they cannot build on more than 10% of any land. This encourages more use of space and results in less "bunched up" dense communities. Yet retaining the spacious nature of the countryside. Of course in the UK, the current planning restrictions and rampant property commercialisation is sustaining the economy's boom and bust culture to cyclic repetition.


What is the point in maintaining farmland as "countryside" when it is not natural indiginous countryside at all, don't forget the agricultural revolution changed our countryside forever, as Britain was known for its forests stretching the bredth of the country during the dark ages.


After all - what benefit is farmland that cannot be profitably used, costs the taxpayer money, and only visible from a car window when you pollute the environment by commuting from your home to your workplace? Isn't it better to enable people to live and enjoy such a lovely environment without spoiling it?

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